Watch 'Fuse'


Fuse is all about unlocking the incredible potential that's lying dormant inside of every person. The spark to set off that explosive capacity for change is yours and yours alone and is within you always. Whatever your spark is, we hope you can chase that down and set it off. Dig in...

Head like a match
Cold as a stone
A spark lays inside
There’s no match like your own

Frozen in place where your heart’s come undone
Don’t turn your eyes from the sun


Rise Up
The fire ignites in you
Burn bright, cause you are the fuse

Stand Up
The light is calling you
Burn bright, cause you are the fuse


Clocks ticking down
Seconds unknown
Time waits for no one
We’re left on our own

Forces of fate have us locked into place
And we just need a spark to move on


One thread
Sole use
Slow burn
We are the fuse